Denman have recently released a brush that is exclusively for use within the shower,
it not only helps to evenly distribute shampoo, conditioner or any other hair care product you may use
but it also massages the scalp as it goes. 

The round design allows the brush to cover a large area and rest comfortably within the hand,the plastic bristles soften some what with contact of warm water not so much that they lose their shape but enough to make the process comfortable and enjoyable.

I like to use the brush after conditioning as a relaxing head massage and then to quickly but efficiently to de-tangle the ends of my hair before drying. I found it to also work well when the hair is damp to comb through leave in conditioner. Used with a shampoo once a week it gives a great deep cleanse and may help to remove product build up on the scalp. On dry hair this works pretty similarly to a tangle teaser.

Is this something you could see yourself purchasing?

Denman Be-Bop Shower Massage Brush £2.87 - link