Oh no you've slept late and pressed the snooze button more times than you care to count
and have now left yourself with five short minutes to haul ass and get ready so what do you do?
PANIC that's what!

No I kid , you dig around for the fail safe products that help you look alive and alert,
I have five products that I know will survive the day and make me look some what presentable
and in this post is where I will share them and my reasons for selecting such products.

Avon Ideal Flawless Foundation
I have oily skin so not many foundations can truly handle my skin type without primer
but I find this can and does last for around 7 hours without a primer or powder.
Towards the end of the day the oiliness does creep in and I can appear a little shiny
but that is to be expected when you do no preparation.
This foundation also allows me to skip concealer as I find it more than sufficient
at covering my old acne scars and any little blemishes I may have.

I have purposely left the specific mascara out as at the moment I am between brands,
what used to be an old faithful product now does nothing for me and I'm searching for one to take its place.
At the moment I'm using Avon Super Shock mascara which I do like it's just simply not my holy grail product.

Anyway back to the subject at hand and that is the reason why I slick mascara on,
I can get away with no eyeshadow as I have hooded eyes but my eyelashes look bizarre as they are
really blonde at the tips so mascara evens them out and makes my eyes look more awake.

Revlon Lip Butter/ Clinique Chubby Stick
It really will depend on what is closest to hand but it will more often than not boil down to one of these two
as they can be slicked on in a hurry without paying too much attention.
Also both offer a slick of colour and moisture which is all I really need in the morning!

FashionistA Blush in Juicy Apricot
I'm sure we all have a fail safe blush that we can buff on and forget about,
this shade suits my skin colouring and is of my favourite shade variety - coral!!
Surprisingly this works when I am tanned and when I am pale so it is always a winner.
It also has a shimmer element so that allows me to skip highlighter.

Bastise Dry Shampoo
When I'm in a rush scent is irrelevant but I do favour the Cherry scent,
I quickly brush my hair, spritz this in and depend on the state of the bed head it will either
be rocked au naturale or swiftly rustled into a top knot!

So that is my "Oh S*@t i've slept in" routine, are you shocked at how little I use?

Why don't your share your Five Minutes with Five Products?