Launching today is a new lip and cheek tint by Mememe called Boho Balm,
the Boho Balms come in two colour options Pink Rouge and Coral Taupe.
Each tin contains two shades which can be used to deliver a flush of colour to the lips and cheeks.

As mentioned each Boho Balm comes neatly presented in a pretty metal tin 
that is adorned with a floral design and is around the size of a typical lip balm in similar styled packaging.
Admittedly they are quite heavy but not all that bulky and sturdy enough to survive in a handbag.
My only grumble with the packaging is that the shades do not have a divider down the middle
which won't be a problem the first couple of usages but as time goes on the shades will bleed 
into one and other resulting in a potential mess.

Pink Rouge lives up to it's name sake with one half being a bright pink (pink)
and the other a red tone (rouge) so no surprises in terms of shades.

The pink is a bright clean candy pink that has no obvious undertone so it should lend it's self to 
most skin tones, it reminds me a lot of Mac St Germain.

The rouge shade applies a lot lighter than it looks in the tin and becomes more of a coral
shade which is really pretty on and by far the stand out shade.

You could also mix the shades to create a custom shade if you wanted to.

The texture of these feel like melted lip stick and are slightly sticky with a gloss like finish
so they lend themselves to being a lip tint more than they do as a cheek colour.
That's not to say you shouldn't try them on your cheeks should you wish to, 
I just found them a little too thick, sticky and oily for my cheeks and not all that comfortable.

Perhaps for the cheeks they could be used as a base colour but I couldn't really get past the texture.
The colour pay off is pretty good with the pink shade pretty much translating to the lips
as what you see in the tin but the rouge does apply a little lighter and adapts to a coral hue.

On the lips these feel a lot more natural but they are a little thick so it is best to apply using a brush
for precision and control values, on the lips the glossy finish seems fitting and they feel far more comfortable
I will level and say I didn't fully test these on my cheeks as the texture felt to alien on my skin
and I had to remove it almost immediately...sorry!

On the lips these wear for a little over two hours and don't bleed or dry the lips out,
I quickly want to mention that these tints have a soft vanilla scent that you can not detect once on the lips.

Product Summary
Round Up - A two in one product that can be used on the lips or cheeks.
Best For - Used on the lips not entirely suited to the cheeks in my opinion.
Pigmentation - (7/10) Feels and appears like a really glossy lipstick.
Availability - Launching today via Mememe cosmetics - link and selected Superdrug stores £6.50/11g

This post contains a PR sample.