The newest addition to Clinique's Even Better range is the Even Better Concealer,
gone are the days when concealer came in three- four shades and thank goodness for that!
Mixing a few concelears to get your ideal shade, no thank you life is too short for such tasks.
Clinique Even Better Concealer currently comes in twelve shades soon to be thirteen
so I'm sure you'll agree that the shade range is pretty extensive
and hopefully most skin tones will be able to select a shade suitable for their needs.

Clinique Even Better Concealers come presented in little frosted glass jars
that have a screw on lid that prevents the product from drying out over time and extended use.
As much as I like the concealer I do have to say that it isn't exactly travel friendly due to the glass aspect,
I'm sure it will survive a bump or two no problem but you can not travel with this in your hand luggage
and if you are as accident prone as myself glass isn't always the best choice haha!

"Even Better Concealer blends perfectly into skin to camouflage dark spots and imperfections. 
It visibly brightens skin over time with Vitamin-C actives. 
The innovative formula is beautifully creamy and has high coverage to camouflage even the most pronounced dark spots and hyperpigmentation, without being dry or cakey. 
The small frosted glass jar makes an easy application with a brush, sponge or fingertip."

As mentioned there is twelve shades available to purchase currently with another shade
joining the line up soon in the form of a shade called Orange.
The shade I have is Almond which is a fairly deep medium tan shade - it is listed in the medium category
but do keep in mind that Clinique shades run deep so go to your nearest counter
and get colour matched as it would be waste to have a shade that doesn't suit.
Had this not been a sample and purchased with my own money I would have went for a shade lighter
but fully blended into my skin this shade was passable and didn't oxidise throughout the day
to a deeper shade which is often the case with such products and my my skin type!

As always I have used my mole as a reference point
so you can see how well it covers.

The texture of the Clinique Even Better Concealers has an almost mousse like texture to the touch
but smoothes down and glides on almost like a gel product.
I found it to be lightweight and very easy to blend over trouble spots without being cakey.
Yes this is marketed as a product for high pigmentation but it covers blemishes seamlessly
which is all I really use concealer for unless it is under the eyes which I don't really recommend this for,
of course you could apply it to the under eye area but I personally found it a little too thick for such purposes and thus uncomfortable as it is a high coverage product and intended for the face not the delicate eye area.
This product wears exceptionally well, it doesn't slide throughout the day and as mentioned it doesn't cake
nor did it cling to any dry patches, I can't really see any skin type having any difficulties with this concealer
and that includes those with sensitive skin as all Clinique products are allergen and scent free.

Have you tried this yet? 

Clinique Even Better Concealer £18/3g - link