Please don't judge me but a few days ago I was watching a few older episodes of Keeping Up with
the Kardashians (that show is like know you shouldn't indulge but you do! Arghhh!)
and it happened to be the episode that Kim was sporting a home made Avocado 
face mask which prompted me to the kitchen to rustle up a quick version for myself.

Admittedly Kim did not say what she used to create her facial mask
but it pretty much looked like mashed up Avocado mixed with yoghurt and perhaps a little honey.
Today I'm going share a recipe that myself and a few good friends used to rustle up
when we were having a girlie night in...dream phone anyone?

Ingredients (makes enough for four usages)
1 large Avacado 
1/2 medium sized Cucumber
A few leaves of fresh Mint
A squirt of Lemon juice 
Approx 100ml of Natural Yoghurt
A blender if you have one

For those who don't have a blender
1, Cut the Avocado in half remove the stone and scrape out the insides into a bowl.
2, Using the same bowl squirt in the fresh lemon juice and mash together the lemon and Avocado.
3, Spoon in the yoghurt and beat until you have a smooth-ish paste.
4, Slice some cucumber, pop on the mask, use the cucumber on your eyes...bliss.
5, Leave for 10 minutes and rise using warm water.

For those who do have a blender
1, Follow steps one from above then pop the ingredients into the blender.
2, Slice then quarter a few slices of cucumber and pop into blender and chuck in a few springs of fresh mint.
3, Quickly blend but don't allow the mix to become too thin and watery
4, Combine with the yoghurt (by hand don't blend) and follow the above steps for four and five!

Why I have chosen the above ingredients

Avocado is a natural moisturiser that is perfect for any skin type.

Mint adds a zesty scent but also acts as an inflammatory to soothe the skin.

Cucumber is renowned for being cooling so combined with the ingredients it helps to cool
and refresh the skin - popping a few slices on the eyes helps to de-puff and soothe,
it also doesn't hurt that it has the most amazing fresh scent!

The lemon juice prevents the mixture from turning brown which avocados do rather quickly
but it is also one of natures cleansers.

Natural yoghurt is pretty much the glue that keeps it together and helps give it a mask like consistency
but it is wonderful for the skin particularly those who suffer from redness, it also cleanses, cools and calms.

As this is made from entirely fresh ingredients it will not keep for any length of time,
you can store it in the fridge for a day or two but the mix may brown over time.
My advice is to just make enough to do you each time so you don't end up with waste!