If the photos ahead give you a tooth ache or a sugar rush I apologize fully
but you know me and my themed photos, I can never resist an opportunity!
Trust me when I say it pains me that I am on a diet and can't wolf down all the sugary treats
but I guess my waist line and teeth will thank me later!
Anyway moving on...L'Oreal's Miss Candy collection is a 19 piece collective
full of the prettiest candy hued make-up products to hit  the high street make-up counters in a long while!

First of all I want to concentrate on the three eyeshadow's that feature in the collection
all of which are new to the Infalliable eyeshadow line.
L'oreal Color Infallible Eyeshadows come neatly packaged in transparent screw top jars
with silver trimmings and inside each shade they have a small plastic conserver that you use to
push down the loose eyeshadow after each application to limit waste and spillages.

031 Innocent Turquoise is quite rightly a turquoise shade that veers on the blue spectrum of turquoise,
the shade has little flecks of golden shimmer scattered throughout that blend with the main shade
and add an extra dimension to the shade to prevent it from appearing flat/dull.
This reminds me a little of Mac Steamy and is the perfect shade for rocking with a tan
should the summer ever arrive..fleecy PJ's in June are not cool Mother Nature.
 Innocent Turquoise should suit all although it is blue based and in theory cool toned
it seems to work equally well on both warm and cool skin.

032 Sassy Marshmallow is a difficult shade to pin point in some lights it reflects blue
and in other it glimmers more of a silver shade but I do enjoy that aspect of this eyeshadow
as it gives it something a little something extra and who really needs another bog standard silver shade?
Again this is cool toned but will work on most skin tones particularly when used as a highlight shade.

036 Naughty Strawberry is almost a fuchsia pink but to be perfectly clear I shall label it as a mid toned pink
that is fairly muted yet still striking if that at all makes sense...probably not haha!
It has golden flecks that help add a warm shimmer element to the shade stopping it from being flat.
I guess if metallic blush is your thing you could also use this on your cheeks.

The formula of these eyeshadow's is odd, yes they are loose pigments in a sense
but as they are semi-pressed they feel like a mousse type of product to the touch
yet when you apply and blend out they feel more like a gel...so odd but exciting!
The great thing is that you have all the flexibility of a loose pigment type of product
yet none of the hassle i.e product spill out and waste issues.
In the past some likened them to Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill shadows
as I haven't tested those I can't honestly comment but I can say that L'oreal Color Infallible Eyeshadow's
may just have changed my opinion forever about loose pigment products forever.
They wear exceptionally well as they are waterproof the wear time is high even without the use of a primer,
with my oily lids I find the formula to typically wear unprimed for almost six hours without creasing
or fading which is hard to come by in my opinion, with a primer they reach 10 hours plus with ease.

Product Summary

Round Up - A loose pigment type eyeshadow that is semi pressed that feels like a mousse eyeshadow yet applies like a gel.
Best For - Those like myself who want the benefits of a loose pigment eyeshadow
yet can't deal with the mess of standard pigments.
Pigmentation - (10/10) Faultless
Availability - Most L'oreal retailers/counters such as Boots and Superdrug 3.5g/£6.99 each

"With Miss Candy, there's no such thing as too much!"