Monday, June 18, 2012

Clarins Kohl Kajal Long Lasting Eyeliner in Violet - Review

Recently launched just in time for the Summer season is the Clarins Enchanted Summer collection
which has been inspired by the Indian Festival of Colour.
The collection has 10 pieces in total ranging from subtle lip shades to beautiful bright and bronze eyeshadow
shades and with a new bronzing duo, there truly is something for everyone.

The Kohl Kajal Long Lasting Eyeliner is the item that I am most excited to share,
the quirky packaging and liner style really appeal to me and hopefully it will also be something
of interest for others too?

A quick summary on the packaging - it feels and looks like a chunky pen,
it fits comfortably into the hand, easy to grip and is fairly straight forward to use.
The only aspect I have yet to fully grasp is how you sharpen this kohl,
that is if you are meant to sharpen it at all as the soft liner product is completely exposed
and a little chunkier than your typical pencil sharpener including those that are designed
especially for cosmetic purposes.
If you own this or a similar item and have advice on the sharpening issue do let me know!

The Kohl Kajal Long Lasting Eyeliner's are a limited edition and exclusive
 to the Clarins Enchanted Summer collection.
The liners come in two colour ways : violet and a standard black shade.
Violet is a deepened purple tone that has no shimmer or glitter element
but is in-fact a semi-matte pure violet eye liner that can be worn on both the lower and upper lash line
or on the waterline should you wish.
I feel the Violet option is a wonderful choice for those that want all the power of a deep shade
such as black but want something a little different.

The style of Clarins Kohl Kajal Long Lasting Eyeliner's allow you to create an entire slew of looks
as you can use the super fine nib to create fine lines, tilt the nib to create slightly thicker lines
and of course you can use the widest park of the pencil to create blocks of colour.

The texture of the Clarins Kohl Kajal Long Lasting Eyeliner's are smooth and creamy,
they glide on with ease, there is no tugging or pulling to the delicate eye area.
It works as well on the lower and upper lash lines as it does on the water line so no faults there.
I experienced no smudging or smearing during the testing period
but will say as far as wear time is concerned the kohl did seem better suited to my lash lines
rather than my waterline as it wore for around six hours on both lash lines
yet on my waterline signs of wear began to set in around the two hour mark.

Product Summary
Round Up - A soft creamy exposed nib eye liner in a striking shade.
Best For - A softer alternative to black liner, best worn on the lash lines.
Pigmentation - (8/10) Rather intense.
Availability - Avalible from Clarins counters and via the Clarins web store - link, £15/2g

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  1. looks like a really interesting product, i've never seen anything with packaging like that before! xo

    1. Me neither :) it's pretty cool isn't it :)

  2. I want this!Thanks for the review!

  3. this actually looks lovely. very tempting and i think it could look good as an alternative to my usual black

    1. Yes I agree :) black can be a little harsh for day time wear

  4. omggg this looks amazzzing! I will be getting one, my friend from india used to bring us these sort of sticks back with her when I was at school, I rarely get this excited over a product, but yay!

  5. ahh! I love this! I use the kajal eyeliner from sleek but its so blunt now! I only really use it for really think eye make up, like for a night out! I tried to sharpen it by wearing gloves and like pinching it, (I know right, stupid idea!) Safe to say it didn't work! So if you find a decent way to sharpen it up a bit, let me know!

  6. Kajal (at least the way I understand it) are meant to be used on you waterline and tightline areas. You are supposed to lay it horizontally along your water lines then close you eye and runs it back and forth. This way it will apply to both areas and naturally keep that same type of shape. You aren't supposed to have to sharpen them.


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