Today I have a variety of self tanners to share with you all and to kick things off I will begin
with a gentle facial tanner that may let you go without make-up on warmer days
or simply when the mood may take you.

Sisley Self Tanning Hydrating Facial Skin Care combines the benefits of a great hydrating moisturiser
with the added kick of self tanner, unlike most facial tanners on the market this is not a gradual 
tanner and will give your skin a moderate glow from the first application.
After that it is up to you how often you apply it, you could use it daily for a deep tan or as you see fit
to maintain your desired tan effect.

In the past I have slapped many a self tanner on my face (often ones that are not intended for such purposes)
and the result has been a deep orange face which was more often than not accompanied by a break out.
Sisley Self Tanning Hydrating Facial Skin Care does not under any circumstances turn you radio active 
orange and as is specially formulated for facial use it is gentle and kind to the sensitive skin of the face
not to mention moisturising without being oily or leaving behind a trail of residue!

It applies and aborbs really easily - I apply before bed in the evening so it has a prolonged period to develop, wash my face as usual when I awaken and have experienced no problems i.e streaks etc.
You will be pleased to know that it fades evenly too.

For me this is the perfect product to pack in a suitcase for fun in the sun,
I don't allow my face to tan while on holiday as I worry greatly about sun damage but after a few days
away my body and face don't match in colour and rather than wear foundation which is uncomfortable in warm climates this will be great to match up the different skin tones and allow my skin to breathe.
Admitedly it is a pricey skin care addition but as I only go away twice a year and one bottle would be more
than sufficient for both trips abroad I do feel in my personal circumstance that the price would be justified.

Sisley Self Tanning Hydrating Facial Skin Care £70.20/60ml - link

Self Tanner Disclaimer - The reason I do not show before and after images is simply due to the fact we all have various skin tones and as I am fairly medium skinned in tone without any tanner I would hate to give unrealistic results for some hoping to achieve deep skin with ease.