To mark the Queen's Royal Jubilee and to celebrate Yardley London's Royal heritage
Yardley have released a new scent aptly titled "Royal Diamond".
The fragrence is avaliable as a scented body spray or as an Eau De Toilette
so you can either layer the scent with both or go for the product that better suits your needs.

"Yardley London is proud to present its first floral bouquet fragrance, Royal Diamond. 
A sophisticated, sparkling fragrance opening with a touch of pear and bergamot 
surrounded by a subtle note of honey, with a delicate romantic floral bouquet at its heart of rose, peony 
and lily of the valley, enhanced with a soft, woody and vanilla base."

Before spritizing the scent I envisage it to smell similar to Liz Taylor's White Diamonds
which reminds me of stuffy Sunday's spent at church...the older ladies at my church had 
quite the penchant for White Diamonds my scent induced head aches did not.
Anyway I can safely say it smells nothing at all like it and is more Kate Middleton
than it is Queen Lizzie ( I can call her that can't I? Probably not!).
It's young, fresh and dare I say it a fruity floral that is perfect for warm days.
If I had to say what it reminds me of I'd say Escada perfume...which one I do not know 
as they all smell pretty similar to me but yes more fruity Escada than stuffy White Diamonds.
It is very much a light scent that won't turn sickly so it is pretty perfect for the weather we are having now
and I feel I can say with confidence that this scent should younger people actually test it 
will be a winner, I'm thinking of picking up another bottle for my travels!

Yardley Royal Diamond EDT costs £9.99 and is available from Boots, Morrison's
and directly from Yardley - link

This post contains a PR sample.