I sure most know the drill when it comes to self tanners, you apply and after a few hours or instantly
depending on the type you purchase you should have a lovely sunless tan.
With the sun currently beaming a golden tan is on most peoples agendas
but why bake and age your skin when you can create an effortless tan at home!

Fake Bake Tanning Mousse has to be one of the easiest self tanners I have ever used,
you shake the contents dispense a little tanner and apply to your body.
The tanner comes with rubber gloves to prevent staining and to aid in the application process,
personally I prefer using a tanning mitt which you can purchase in most chemist/drug stores for pennies.
I did use the gloves and found them to work just as well so I guess it all boils down to preference.

The mousse itself is thick and luxurious, it feels heavenly on the skin not at all drying like some cheaper
self tanners on the market (saying no names *cough cough* St Mortiz) but moisturising and light.
The mousse is tinted with a guide colour so you can see where you are applying and avoid streaks
but I would say that it would be pretty difficult to end up streaky/patchy with this tanner
as it expands and covers every inch of skin so for that reason do apply in the bath room 
to avoid staining any furniture etc!

I prefer to apply my self tanner at night so it has plenty of time to develop overnight,
as this has a guide colour you do have to rinse it off the next morning or after allowing to develop.
Once the guide tan has been removed one coat left my skin golden but not overly tan or orange,
I would say the first application left me bronze for around 3 days before fading a little,
to be bronze all week two applications is all you would need and you can rest assured it fades evenly
without scrubbing or any special treatment...i'm a lazy lazy girl.

Yes it is a little pricey at £22.01 but one can provided me with 8 full applications.
but it is far superior to any self tanner I have encountered including St Tropez, 
it applies well and gradually fades without leaving you looking like you have some skin disorder.
It doesn't stink nor is it difficult to apply, it doesn't dry the skin out nor will it leave you looking
radio active but beautifully bronzed!
If you are after a great self tanner to see you through the summer and beyond then I couldn't recommend
Fake Bake Tanning Mousse enough!

You can purchase Fake Bake Tanning Mousse for £22.01/118ml via Hair Trade - link

Disclaimer - I have not shown before and after images as it may give an unrealistic idea of results
as we all have different skin tones and textures and as self tanners work with your own skin tone
no two people would have the same results!

This post contains a PR sample.