These are just little baby sized samples that I received in the post but I was so impressed that 
I wanted to share my experiences with the Etat Pur moisturisers.
I received two via a Facebook offer and have had them just over a week and finished both yesterday
not bad considering each sample is only 5ml each!

The two I received were:

Etat Pur Light Moisturising Emulsion - Which is a light moisturiser that is almost gel like that absorbs instantly
into the skin, cooling and hydrating in one go. Yes it is a light moisturiser but I found it more than enough
in terms of hydration for my oily skin which can be a little hit and miss when it comes to using moisturiser.
It leaves no residue on the skin, is lightly scented but not so that it irritates the skin and is the perfect
choice for those who don't need an intensive moisturiser. I have been slicking this on in the morning
and found it not to be problematic when it comes to apply foundation on top.

Etat Pur Oil Free Quenching Fluid - This is the product I need in my life, very much like the product above
it is gel like, light hydrating and cooling but wow does this feel amazing on the skin. I have been applying 
this in the evening after a day in the sun and it feels very much like after sun but for the is lovely!
If you like your moisturiser to be light, cooling but hydrating this could be the one for you,
not to mention that it is oil free so it is great for oily or blemish prone skin types.
Much like the Etat Pur Light Moisturising Emulsion it has a light spa like scent 
and is non greasy, absorbs instantly without leaving a residue behind.

Have you tried Etat Pur? Anything you would recommend for oily skin?