As with many I'm concerned about ageing okay I'm only in my early twenties
but I firmly believe you are never too young to prepare for the future,
that advice covers all aspects of live not just to prepare, prepare to fail etc.
I recently began taking all sorts of supplements for various reasons - you can read that post here
but decided after much research that I should include a Vitamin E supplement to my routine!

Why? Well I figured that sometimes things work better from the inside out
rather than just slapping on a moisturiser and hoping for the best.
I was recommened to use Vitamin E in pure oil form onto my skin - it helps with scars
but I simply can not deal with oil residue on my face where the scarring mostly is
and thought prehaps trying it in capsule form would help some what.
I'm not looking for a miracle cure if my scars fade a little naturally great if not hey ho I tried
and the main reason I'm consuming it is for future anti ageing benefits any way so all is not a loss.
That is not to say that any health benefits will not be greatly appreciated particularly 
the hair and skin (sun damage control) elements.

I thought some may like to read about the benefits of Vitamin E so below out lines all of it's benefits
in case any one would like to try it out for them self...

"Vitamin E is a fat soluble vitamin that is well known for its antioxidant properties. 
 It has enjoyed a reputation for preventing the effects of ageing on skin, healing scars and scar tissue, 

and preventing damage to the body from free radicals – a by-product of our bodies’ attempts to deal with the poisons and pollutants in today’s environment.

As an antioxidant, vitamin E provides some protection against heart disease, atherosclerosis, cancer, inflammatory diseases like arthritis and other effects of ageing. In topical preparations, it is said to help erase wrinkles and promote healthy skin and hair. Taken internally as a supplement, vitamin E helps prevent heart disease, thins the blood and helps reduce the harmful effects of a wide range of conditions from sun exposure to hormone replacement therapy."

I will update in three then six months reporting on any progress and my experiences thus far.

Disclaimer - Please consult your doctor before embarking on any new supplement routine
as some supplements can interfere with on going medication including the contraceptive pill.
This post is not to sway anyone to take supplements but purely to share my thoughts/reasons,
please do not confuse it with proper medical advice.