Admittedly I feel a little odd discussing this but hey it's beauty related
and it's not like I'm showing you naked photos of myself (saving them for Christmas...joke obviously)
but recently vitamins have very much became a daily occurrence for me and mostly for vain reasons.
You see my close friend has enviably shiny hair and lovely strong nails that never spilt or break off
quite like mine have the habit off doing so one day I asked her what she does or uses to obtain her nails
and oh so shiny locks and half expected her to tell me tails of human sacrifice...dramatic me? Never!

Low and behold she went into her bathroom cabinet and produced cheap as chips vitamins
which I have always been sceptical about vitamin use as many doctors/specialists claim they do nothing 
yet others campaign about their benefits, what's a girl to do or believe?
I thought i'd give them a three month spin and see what happens...nothing ventured,nothing gained.
In this post I have also included what I have started using as natural supplements for health benefits too
just in case any one else suffers from anxiety etc.
Looking at my daily consumption it is a miracle I don't rattle with all the vitamins haha.

Green Tea Capsules 
Green Tea is a well known diet supplement, it helps burn up a few extra calories - i'm told 50?
but is bursting full of antioxidants and can help reduce the risks of certain cancers,
help with joint problems, high cholesterol, heart disease and general infection.
The benefits are simply too great not to pop three of these a day, 
green tea as a tea is just as good I simply dislike the taste.

St. John Wort
It's not something I like to talk about but I suffer from anxiety/panic attacks
and was advised to start taking a few St. John Wort supplements each day to reduce the risk
of an attack or to make any bout a lot milder, surprisingly I have been fairly calm minded as of late
so these have not been put to the test but I find it reassuring to know that I have things somewhat in control.
St. John Wort is also used for bruises, burns, insect bites and scabies when used as a salve.

Vitamin C
I'm mainly taking this to ward of colds and to perk my immune system up a little
as I really don't eat much fruit - I hate it!
I'm also told that vitamin C is great for the eyes and can help protect against UV rays?

"Despite the fact that multivitamins are recommended for many people,
 not everyone needs them, and some doctors even think that they can do more harm than good in certain cases. Studies in the past few years have revealed some startling new findings for people who rely on multivitamins to provide their recommended daily allowance of vitamins and minerals."
With that in mind you really should consult a doctor before consuming, I have and the doctor recommend
that I take one with added Iron as I am slightly lacking and as I don't eat meat or fish and most fruit
the doctor said it was more than safe to begin with a multivitamin.

Omega 3 Fish Oil
As mentioned above I hate fish which is unfortunate as fish contains various fatty oils 
that are beneficial to your health with benefits such as lowering certain types of cancer,
helping with depression, keeping the brain and lungs healthy and many many more great benefits.
However with each capsule I consume I'm praying it won't burst in my mouth...ugh!

So that is my current vitamin/supplement kick, I have also resorted to natural remedies for hay fever too!
Do you take any supplements?

Disclaimer - Please consult a doctor before purchasing any vitamins/supplements,
you may not require any and end up doing more harm than good otherwise!
Also as some lovely commenter's pointed out some supplements can play havoc with
the contraceptive pill so it really is best to consult a doctor before you begin any new supplement.