The L'Or Electric collection which for now is limited edition will launch at the end of this month
but it is currently available via Feel Unique and may have sneaked on to a few counters all ready.
L'Or Electric is to celebrate L'Oreal's 5 years as the official Make-Up Artists for the Cannes Film Festival
and is inspired by the bright lights of Cannes, think shimmering metallics infused with neon brights.
Created by Colour Director Orrea Light, the L’Or Electric Collection is inspired by the vivacity of the Eighties. Post-Modernism, Studio 54, neon, fluorescent colours and electric music; these were just a few of the buzz words on Orrea’s mood board, bringing the extravagance of the Eighties into the modern day.

The collection is not extensive but does include a good few products including three new shades
of the Color Riche Nail polishes all of which are 5ml in size so great for those who like myself 
who are forever changing their nail colour and live in fear of shades turning gloopy...I can't be the only one?
The brush inside each bottle is tear drop shaped and fans out with pressure resulting in the nail
being completely coated in polish in one coat, if you have small nails it can be a little messy.

The three shades are as follows:

809 Mystic Blue - Which is a deep navy blue that reflects lighter blue in some lights,
it only required one coat for opaque coverage and is slightly metallic without being too shimmery/glittery.
In some lights this reminds me of Barry M Navy.

810 Mythic Carpet - This is the flattest shade of the bunch and is a raspberry toned red pink,
it requires at least three/four to become opaque and has the least shimmer/frost finish of the trio.

811 Magic Croisette - A bright blue that has slight green reflective particles,
this is the most complex shade of the trio but does require three coats to become opaque.

The polishes/full collection launches later this month via all the usual L'Oreal stockist (Boot, Superdrug)
but may already be on some counters as it is available via Feel Unique.

Do you like any of the shades? Which is your favourite?

This post contains PR samples.