I have had a few emails and comments asking me what is the main differences between
the normal Essie polishes and the newer diffusion line and truthfully not a great deal,
they have identical bottles and too the naked eye the differences are few and far between.
For me the main difference is the brushes, the normal line has a small thin brush
which I find easier to use and control compared to the diffusion brush.
The diffusion brush is tear drop shaped and fairly broad, I believe the idea is that with a certain
amount of pressure you can quickly cover each nail in one brush stroke.
However I don't find this to be the case and do feel I have less control but each to their own.
The only other difference I can notice is that the original shades have the shade name on the base
where as the diffusion line shades have their shade name label on the cap.
To comment on the formula is fruitless as it differs from shade to shade so each line has it's problem shades,
with some cross over shades that feature in both collections.
The prices also differentiate but that can be solved by picking them up on places like eBay etc.

Have you noticed any other differences that you would like to add?