Can I just begin by saying that I really don't understand the hype surrounding this shade,
yes it is pretty but in my eyes it is just another mint green...nothing more nothing less!
So I do find it a little hard to fathom why this has became the recent I.T product?

Essie Mint Candy Apple is a milky mint green that is very much a pastel shade.
I recall when this shade was being touted as a great dupe for Chanel's Jade polish
which it is not...Chanel Jade is more mid toned and less pastel in tone.
Anyway Mint Candy Apple applies quite patchy and is more than a little streaky-
the bottle I have from the normal line so do let me know if the diffusion formula is any better
takes forever and a day to dry and when you need to apply three coats for opaque coverage
the drying time sure amounts up!

Basically the colour is very pretty but nothing special, off the top of my head I can think of two drug store
dupes - NYC Mint Macaroon and Collection 2000 Mint Mojito both of which cost less than £2!
Am I the only one that feels this way or am I completely insane?

I bought this via eBay for £7.02  inclusive of p&p - link, which is slightly less than the diffusion line
where this shade retails for £7.99.

Nail Polish Disclaimer - I will no longer be commenting on the wear of nail polishes
unless it chips instantly etc as I change my nail colour too frequently (sometimes daily),
to comment properly on the wear and as we all use different techniques such as top coats/base coats
I don't feel that my comments on wear time are helpful in any way.