A good while ago I was watching a Dulce Candy video, perhaps late last year around October
and recall her briefly showing a transparent jelly like lipstick by Maybelline, 
that week like I searched high and low for said lipstick and could I find it anywhere...nope!
I gave up and thought it was more than likely something else that was not meant for British soil
until a fortnight ago I finally spotted the Colorsensational Popsticks in my local Boots!

The Colorsensational Popsticks are packaged very similarly to the normal Colorsensational lipsticks
only the Popsticks come with a bright neon pink lid that is transparent.
Some may feel the packaging is a little tacky but I think it is quite funky
and is sturdily made so your lipstick should be fine should you take it on any travels.

"New Colour Sensational popsticks. Now pouts pop with popsicle shine!
Juicy, sheer shades from our fruit-coloured, high clarity pigments. 
Slicker shine, more luscious feel, only from our crystal clear gloss stick.
Available in 5 shades."

I have the orange shade with is aptly named Citrus Slice - a bright neon pink tinged orange
that as aforementioned has a jelly like appearance due to it being completely transparent.
As the description states these are scented and Citrus Slice has a very artificial orange type scent
which I personally like but appreciate it may be a little sweet for some.

I do feel Maybelline are over selling with the term "high clarity pigments" as in all truthfulness
there is no pigment, to see any colour pay off you would have to have lips as white as the paper
I have used to display my photos otherwise forget it - that is why I have no swatches
as there is absolutely nothing to show a mediocre tinted lip balm provides more colour.
I understand that the description also states that it is sheer but there is a difference between being
sheer in coverage and being non-existant and sadly it is the latter.
Also there is no shine element, they feel waxy on the lips and have next to none gloss finish!
Basically I disagree with everything Maybelline has to say about these, they feel waxy/thick on the lips,
provide no colour pay off and shine? What Shine?

I would have been more forgiving towards this product had it actually done something other than flavour
my lips but as it does not tint or provide a glossy finish like it states I am sorely disappointed
given it costs £7.19...what a rip off.

Product Summary
Round Up - A transparent lip product that does nothing other than scent the lips.
Best For - Other than providing a scent, nothing!
Pigmentation - (0/10) Nothing to speak off and I have really light lips naturally.
Availability - Selected Maybelline stockists such as Superdrug - link, £7.19