"We ran a competition with our fans (that’s you) to design and name a nail polish shade just for fun. 
Then one of our amazing followers came up with an idea that spawned the biggest charity partnership 
we’ve ever been involved in!! 

As a result, we’ve joined forces with Cancer Research UK, the UK’s leading cancer charity
and pledged to raise a minimum of £50,000 for Breast Cancer Research in the next 12 months! 
(Yes, really!)

“But how on earth will you raise such a huge sum of money?” – we hear you cry…

That’s right, we’re taking the world of nail polish to new levels of greatness and using it to raise loads of money for breast cancer research. Many of you have probably been involved in Race For Life, which involves running around for hours getting all hot and sweaty to raise money for CRUK (which is brilliant by the way), well, this is like that but WAY easier!! 

All you have to do is paint your nails pink using our ‘paint for life nail polish trio’. 

They’re only £5.99 per set and for every single set sold, we will donate £1 directly to this incredible charity. 

That means if we sell one-squillion sets, we donate one squillion pounds to Cancer Research UK! 
Each bottle within the set is individually named to represent some of the key emotions needed 
to fight cancer - ‘hope’, ‘strength’ and ‘love’. 

They’ll be lots of exciting things going on throughout the year to promote this 

and we’ll soon be announcing a “Paint For Life” week, so watch this space! 

and getting one for yourself - and every one of your friends! 

Also available in Superdrug stores nationwide. 
A big THANKS to our inspiration in starting all this - Sam Hay!"

Of course by buying the Paint for Life trio you will be supporting a truly wonderful cause
but also gaining a wardrobe of pink polishes that should see you through most occasions.
I'm not going to review the shades but I have provided swatches below.

Hope - A pale milky pink that is a great muted every day shade, work/school appropriate.
Love - A mid toned pink, I often call this shade a Barbie pink.
Strength - A bright cerise pink, a shade that everyone needs in their collection.

Will you be picking up this trio?