One thing that is not in abundance in the beauty world is lip primers
which is odd given it is the one thing I seem to get the most emails about
so there definitely is a space on the market place for a good lip primer.

Cover FX Lip Treat - Mint Primer is very simply packaged and does not scream high end,
it looks pretty much unassuming and if you spotted it in your friends make-up bag 
chances are you would ignore it and write it off as a cheap lip gloss - packaging wise it reminds
me off those roll on glosses I had as a youngster.
Sadly this does have a doe foot applicator but it is much larger than a standard doe foot applicator
and is shaped so it applies fairly easily to the lips, dare I say it but I quite like this applicator!
I found it to quickly and efficiently apply the product to my lips which is all you can ask for really.

On the lips it pretty much feels like a sticky lip gloss with a slight minty tingle
but tries to a tacky like texture which makes it a great base to slick a lip stick or gloss on top off.
In my experience it is perfect for applying under a matte lipstick as it reduces the drying effect
so many matte lip products often have but saying that it works pretty well with most lip sticks
and in most cases increasing the wear time for at least an hour slightly more for matte shades.
I have to be truthful and say I noticed very little difference in terms of wear time with glosses.
Cover FX Lip Treat - Mint Primer is transparent in colour and has a slightly glossy finish.

Not only does Cover FX Lip Treat - Mint Primer prolong the wear of certain lip products
but it also softens the lips surface, plumping fine lines to give the lips a youthful appearance.
When you first apply this product it does have a slight cooling tingle sensation 
but nothing unbearable or in the vain of a lip plumper, it cools more than it tingles.
Personally I can't say that it plumped my lips but it is very hydrating and provided a light coat of moisture
and unlike other lip primers I have tested this did not suck the moisture out of my lips.

Cover FX Lip Treat - Mint Primer £22/3ml - link is available from the House of Fraser.

This post contains a PR sample.