The one thing that gets me most excited about any new collection is the blushes,
I am a complete blush fiend and love nothing more than adding to my blush collection.
Mac Hey Sailor came with two new shades and I of course had to have both,
how could I say no to such pretty shades that came so wonderfully packaged?

Mac Fleet Fast Blush is officially described as pinky golden coral
which I agree with to some extent it is a pink based coral with yellow undertones
but the golden suggests that would have a shimmery golden finish not be a flat shade,
yes there is shimmer present but it is not visible to the naked eye
and only really comes alive in photographs.
In my opinion this is very much like Nars Orgasm blush but without the noticeable golden shimmer element.
Truthfully I found this shade to be flat and uninspiring and don't feel the £18 tag is justified.

Mac Fleet Fast is a satin formula blush which is not matte in formula
but rather has a light golden veining of shimmer/glitter scattered throughout
and in this case it is much finer than any other satin Mac blushes I own.
Personally I did not find the shimmer to translate at all on to the skin
and even when in pan form you really have to look up close to see any traces of shimmer.
I found the formula to be fairly light and well pigmented.
In terms of wear I on average get just around 6 hours of wear from a Mac Satin
formula blush and do not find them to be unflattering on skin that has faults
Such as fine lines and enlarged pores.

So what do you think of this shade?
Great for the summer?

Mac Fleet Fast Blush £18/6.5g available for a limited time from Mac counters 
and via their web page - link