I'm sorry to keep harping on about summer but it is that time of the year
when I scour my local beauty shelves seeking out travel friendly goodies.
For me travel friendly doesn't just boil down to size but I also consider can the item be multi-purpose,
is the shade/shades appropriate and would I be heart broken if said product was stolen
or broken in transit, sad to include such thought but I've had a good few expensive make-up products
stolen from my hotel room in the past.

Well today I bought Look Beauty Triple Hit Eyeshadow in L.A Luxe to add to the summer make-up bag,
admitedly the packaging is a little bulky for on the go beauty but as I plan on using it for duo purposes
I feel it's size can be justified not to mention I really like how sturdy the casing is,
I have confidence that this could survive a bump or two which is important when travelling
as no-one wants a suitcase full of broken cosmetics...nice!

I choose the colour palette L.A Luxe which is a mix of warm and cool neutrals
as I can use them as eye shades or use a few shades for my cheeks as a bronzer or highlighter
killing two birds with one stone ( I really, really hate that analogy).
In the L.A Luxe palette there is a large champagne coloured segment which is a great highlight shade
be it on the cheek bones or to highlight the brow bone and inner eye area.
There is also a deep bronze and a golden bronze shades both of which could be used as eyeshadows
or as a bronzer depending on your skin tone and preference.
You can use each shade alone or swirl all three together - not a huge fan of the final shade but what ever.
All three shades have a metallic sheen and a slight shimmer finish so they are not great for matte lovers
but for a quick wash of colour on the eye lid or combined with a matte shade or two they are truly
beautiful and a lovely selection of shades to work with.

As the formula of this palette is baked the product is firm to touch but soft in formula
yet the the shades each produce great colour pay off and are easy to blend
with next to none product fall out.
On oily lids they shadows faired for a little over 5 hours without primer before creasing
but primed they pretty much stayed in place until I removed them physically.
As a face product I found the highlight shade to wear for around 4 hours again without primer
and on oily skin but primed it faired a little better and wore for around 6 hours.
I have to be truthful and say that this formula is not best suited to those who have fine lines
or enlarged pores as I found it to sit a little in my enlarged pores so I imagine fine lines
would behave the same sadly but other than that it is a great little palette.

Product Summary
Round Up - A trio of neutral shades that can be used on the eyes or face.
Best For - Fans of neutral colours and metallic finishes not great for fine lines or enlarged pores.
Pigmentation - (7/10) Good colour pay off with little effort.
Availability - From selected Superdrugs and Look Beauty's web store - link £7.50/10g