The Bourjois magic nail polish remover has been causing quite a stir in the beauty world
and don't get me wrong I do enjoy using it but feel that £4.99 is a little steep for what it is.
While in Home Bargains with my granda' (grandfather if you are not Scottish or Irish)
I stumbled upon what I count as a dupe for the Bourjois magic nail polish remover for 89p!
Say hello to Easy Nails Fast and Fruity Nail Polish Remover.

Much like the Bourjois magic nail polish remover this is a sponge type remover
that you dip your finger into and twist to remove the polish from your nails, quick and simple!
Once dry the remover leaves your fingers smelling of peach which is fairly pleasant.
I bet you are wondering how does it compare to the Bourjois remover?
Pretty well actually, it removes the polish pretty well without any force or constant twisting
as for glitter polishes well they are just a pain in general and it wasn't any easier to remove 
them than normal sadly but for 89p one can not complain as the Bourjois one did not fair ant better
in the glitter removal stakes.

For 89p I am quite taken and will be stocking up on a few for travelling with etc.
Do you like this style of polish removal?