I don't care what any one says I'm now officially in summer mode
and do you know how I know? Well apart from the tan lines and sweeping maxi dresses of course!
I have been reaching for fruity products, today I bought coconut hair products to cement the deal fully
but for in the shower I want something that just says fruity summer scent and that product has been
N-Spa Pomegranate and Butter Milk Shower Sorbet!

I've blogged about the N-Spa shower sorbets before - link
but basically they are super moisturising shower gels that allow you to skip body lotion/butter
every once and a while which is pretty much every day if you are me...i'm lazy!
Well it's not just that I am lazy but also I hate product on my skin when I am warm
and after spending a day with sun lotion on the last thing I want to do is smoother my skin in more product,
if I'm truthful in the summer I often look forward to an evening shower to let me skin be au nautrale! 

The scent of this particular shower sorbet is a fruity as it is sweet,
it sort of reminds me of a tropical cocktail...told you I was in holiday mode didn't I!
Although it is sweet it is not sickly but refreshing and a great little pick me up in the morning,
I have to be honest and state that the scent doesn't stick around but I don't particularly find that a 
problem as it means it doesn't interfere with your usual perfume/scent etc.

If you are looking for a great moisturising shower gel that cleanses without stripping the skin
of it's moisture but want a lovely summer scent then I say head to your local Asda where this baby
and the other scents in the line are currently on over for £1...kerchinnggg bargain alert ;)

Are you in Summer mode too?