I'm slowly working my way through my lovely Italian make-up goodies that Francesca 
kindly sent over for me in a swap!
I've seen quite a few reviews of various Kiko items spring up here and there
but as it is not easily bought - I believe their is a store in London and you can of course 
buy via their web page, perhaps one day it will be more accessible, who knows? 
Anyway I have a lovely sheer coral lipstick to share and share I shall.

The packaging of this lipstick is particularly beautiful the case has a similar effect to a holographic nail polish
and it pops out rather oddly so much so that the website actually has directions on how to open!

1 - Holding the lipstick with the right hand, put your left index finger on the upper part of the packaging - with its special ergonomic indention - and press lightly.
2 - Pull out the lower part of the lipstick.
3 - The lipstick is ready to put on.
Crazy huh?

Francesca really couldn't have chosen a better shade for me as I have a little obsession with coral shades
and despite the shade being called Tropical Orange it very much is a coral.
For me this is the perfect sheer lipstick, not too sheer that it is no-existant on the lips
but not as pigmented as a typical lipstick and thus defeating the point.
It slicks on very easily almost like a balm as it is really soft and delivers a moderate dose of colour.
Tropical Orange in bullet form looks like a true orange but once applied it sheers out
to a light yellow based coral that will suit most complexions.
As this is a sheer lip product I don't recommend this for really pigmented lips
as this may not deliver the results that you had in mind
but for anyone else it is a great moisturising formula that does not bleed or feather
and typically wears for around 3 hours per application.

Product Summary
Round Up - A sheer coral lipstick that is comfortable to wear.
Best For - Those who don't have pigmented lips.
Pigementation - (6/10) Great for a sheer lipstick.
Avaliability - www.kikocosmetics.com £6.90/3.5g