With the Olympics edging ever nearer there is a whole array of gold, silver and bronze hues
to be explored and as I will never fit enough to be considered for the Olympics
slicking on some metallic hues with be as close as most of us will get.
With that in mind let me share Mememe Shimmer Stack in bronze.

Admittedly the packaging is a little on the bulky side
and not necessarily something I would enjoy lugging around on a daily basis
but it is sturdy with a great sized mirror housed inside so if you did decide to pop it into your handbag
you would be sorted for on the go touch ups!

The Mememe Shimmer Stacks come in three colour options - pink, bronze and gold.
I have Bronze to share which is a medley of bronze hues,
raging from an ivory shade that reflect golden to a deep true bronze shade.
You can use each shade individually as an eyeshadow - 
the strips are too narrow to use as individual cheek shades but you could always try?
Or you can sweep all five shades together which combined makes a golden toned bronze
that would make for a lovely bronzer especially in the warmer months.
However if you are deeper toned it would be equally as pleasant as a highlight.
I would like to stress that it is metallic in formula so it will be no use as a contour shade.

Formula wise this is leans towards the softer side of powder consistency's
which does make blending and applying the powder fairly straight forward
but I should warn that it has a fair amount of product fall out and will shatter if dropped a few times.
The pigmentation is more than fair and it does not require any effort to get the shades to show on the skin.
For me this is a bronzer, don't get me wrong the shades do work well on the eyes 
but I found the formula to wear better on my face than my eyes - it creased on my lids, almost instantly.
On my face (mainly my cheeks) it wore for around five hours before requiring a touch up.
I'm sure this will draw comparisons to one of the many shimmer type bricks out there
and yes it is very similar to all of the versions I have tested,
so I will say pick one as you really don't need them all.

Product Summary
Round Up - A bronze shimmer strip brick of shades that can be used on the face and eyes.
Best For - In my opinion it is best used as a bronzer.
Pigmentation - (8/10) Really pigmented.
Availability - £9.99/12g available from Mememe's online store link and selected Superdrug stores.