Continuing with my Best of the High Street feature I have landed on Barry M.
Barry M was one of the first brands along with Avon I experimented with as a pre-teen.
I must have went through about 100 tubes of clear Barry M Lip Gloss back then haha!
Personally I admire that Barry M seldom do limited edition items
instead sticking with a core collection, adding to it little and often.

Barry M Lip Paints £4.49 -link
Admittedly the formula can be a little hit and miss with some being on the drying side 
and I do think that it would be beneficial to us all if Barry M hinted at the finish of each shade
on the labelling but all that aside on the High Street they are the best brand for all out colour.
There is a shade for everyone and every occasion not to mention plenty of dupes for expensive brands.
My must have shades are pale nude, peachy pink and peach, ribbon pink is also beautiful.

Barry M Lip Gloss £4.49 - link
I am not a lip gloss fan at all and the only two glosses I tend to buy are Barry M and Revlon.
If a gloss is overly sticky or thick I am out however the Barry M formula is light, non sticky
and delivers just the right level of pigmentation making it a great gloss to wear alone
or to layer over a lipstick which is my preference.
I couldn't write this post and not mention that Barry M Lip Glosses have the best scent EVER!

Barry M Nail Paints £2.99 - link
I don't feel I really have to say much about Barry M Nail Paints
as their fan bases is huge with any new shades often selling out instantly.
I recall how difficult it was to get a hold of Barry M Blue Moon last Spring.
The Nail Paint collection is truly huge and you'd only be lying to yourself if you said you have never lusted
after a specific shade, much like the Lip Paints there are often dupes of famous brands to be hand.
The only downside I personally feel with Barry M Nail Paints is that they chip quite easily
but if you have a good top coat to hand you will get on much better!

What are your choices from Barry M?
Any must have items or shades?