I have tried high, low and moderately priced sunscreens for the face but my favourite
has to be the one I have bought from Asda...seriously who would have thought it!
Most will know that the sun can be damaging and cause premature ageing, sun spots
and skin cancer so slapping on a high UVA/UVB sun protector is of the utmost importance.

Up until a few years ago I used the same sunscreen all over - face and body
but that didn't bode well at all I found regular sun lotion to be too thick and heavy for my face,
found it to sit in my skin rather than absorb and only add to the excess oil factor on my face.
In fact looking back some even broke out my skin or made the skin blotchy...not a good look.
That's where a good facial sun screen comes into play!

As mentioned my favourite is from Asda's own brand and retails at £4/50ml
which is great as I like to have a few on the go, one for in the house, one in my bag
and the other in the car just in-case I need a little extra protection on the go!
I personally use a factor 30 when in Britain and go a little higher when abroad.

Asda's Anti-Age Facial Sun Creme is dermatologically tested but does have a slight scent,
it reminds me a little of Sudocreme but not quite as strong.
It helps to prevent the appearance of sun induced brown spots, wrinkles
and due to the vitamin E and green tea elements you also have extra protection from free radicals.

Asda's Anti-Age Facial Sun Crème is moisturising without being overly thick nor is it sticky,
I apply it first thing in the morning after my usual moisturiser and allow it to soak in 
- this takes less than a minute and then I apply my primer/foundation on top.
Of course all primers and foundations are different but I don't find my foundation etc
to slip or slide on top of this, in-fact I don't find it to affect my foundation one way or the other.
If you find yourself burning throughout the day you can also apply this on top of your make-up,
it may remove some cream based products but does not leave the skin shiny or greasy.

What do you use to protect your face from sun damage?