I have been using the original Carmex for years - the potted version over the tube version any day
and have only once strayed from the original to purchase the cherry version which
completely burnt the skin around my mouth and cause an allergic reaction
so obviously I never strayed from the original again...until now.

About a week ago a surprise package of Carmex goodies landed on my doorstep
and house inside the bag was the mint version of the lip balm and curiosity got the best of me.
The mint formula has a fresh minty scent as you'd expect but somehow cools the lips when you apply.
Much like the original formula it helps to moisturise, relieve dry and cracked lips with a minty scent
and I can safely report I did not break out this time so the mint version gets the thumbs up from me.

Apparently there is 137 Carmex lip balms sold a minute world wide...that's a lot of lip balm!
Admittedly I do prefer the original scent as it somewhat comforts me and as mentioned a good few times
I do favour the potted version as it is thicker and has a more balm like texture opposed to the squeeze
versions which apply more like a gloss and do have a higher shine factor too!
What it all boils down to is personal preference, if you haven't tried Carmex of course I urge you to
as I can not be without it full stop but I do advise trying both versions - liquid and potted
in order to see which you prefer.

To find out more about Carmex products visit mycarmex.co.uk

This post contains a PR sample.