This isn't necessarily a review more of a summer heads up!
If you have dark hair you may find summer a little troublesome as the sun tends to bleach the colour
and can leave you with faded colour and red highlights that you might not want.
Okay now that I am blonde I welcome the sun bleaching my hair but in the past it was a nuisance 
and after trying may products to qualm the fading I stumbled upon Charles Worthington Sun Shine
collection (I've pictured my minis not the half done full size bottles I have in the shower).

Basically the shampoo and conditioner are a god send for the warm weather and great for trips away
as they protect the hair from UV damage and sun fading, easily washes away salt, chlorine and product.
The conditioner is great at fighting the frizz that humidity often brings with it and 
restoring the moisture that sun zaps from the skin, both have a lovely fruity but clean scent 
that does not attract bees etc so fabulous for the holiday season!

You can pick these up in mini or full size versions in most supermarkets and drugstores
starting at 99p a bottle!

Do you have any sun hair saviours?