If you are a fan of neons particularly nail polishes then I have your summer nail kit sorted
and all for the bargain price of £2 - that's 50p per nail polish (maths genius I am not!).
Perfect for the upcoming summer holidays and as they are 6ml each they are perfect for
popping in your suit case should you be jetting off somewhere!

None of the shades have names but you can have fun naming them yourself...I know I do haha!

The Orange shade - three coats, glossy finish not quite as neon as Illamasqua Gamma etc
but a lovely vivid orange shade that has a red undertone. As a final note this is the most glossy
in terms of finish out of the four colour choices.

The Green shade - my favourite, it is truly neon and a show stopper. I did require three coats
but for a cheap polish it dries fairly quickly speaking of it drying it settles to a semi glossy finish.
By far the brightest most neon shade of the bunch.

The Pink shade - three coats not fully opaque , semi-glossy finish, neon but more a deeper neon shade
as opposed to the likes of China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy etc. A lovely shade especially for the toes.

The Yellow shade - my least favourite of the bunch, not opaque even after four coats so I gave up!
It has a weird shimmer effect and is not all that flattering but considering it works out at 50p
I don't feel I can be too critical but I wouldn't purchase this shade as a stand alone product.

Sorry for the quickness of the swatches which include a few oops moments
but you get the jist of the colours, flash has been used to best represent the shades
but it hasn't effected the true shade representation the only thing it has bleached so to speak is my skin!

You can pick up this cute little set for £2 in Primark.
What do you think of neon polish?

Nail Polish Disclaimer - I will no longer be commenting on the wear of nail polishes
unless it chips instantly etc as I change my nail colour too frequently (sometimes daily),
to comment properly on the wear and as we all use different techniques such as top coats/base coats
I don't feel that my comments on wear time are helpful in any way.