This is a novel idea from Sigma basically they have created a line of brushes to mimic your fingertips
but with more precision, each brush is well constructed super soft and comes with an individual brush
guard to protect the brush head while in storage/travelling etc.
I have now washed each brush a few times and can safely say so far there has been no splaying
nor shedding which is a pet peeve of mine.
The great thing about these synthetic brushes is that I don't find them to soak up all the product
which a good few brushes in my collection do!

In the Sigma Synthetic Precision Kit there is four brushes:

Precision Flat (P80) - This brush is small, dense and has a flat top which makes it great for
concealing purposes I also found it great for buffering in liquid highlight for a seamless finish.
You can also use it for applying powder to small areas such as setting concealer over a blemish.

Precision Round (P82) - This brush was designed to mimic the shape of your fingertips
which makes it a great brush for the delicate eye area, I have been using this for under the eye concealer
but it can also be used to apply primer to the eyes or for precise application of a cream eye product.

Precision Angled (P84) - The small angled top of this brush makes it ideal for contouring purposes
as you can really get into the hollow areas such as the cheek bones and the sides of the nose.
I have been using this with a bronzer to apply my contour before using a bigger brush 
to buff out the powder.
You can also use this to apply highlight it's especially great for applying such product to the brow bone.

Precision Tapered (P86) - This is very similar to the Precision round only it is tapered giving you
a finer tip to work with much like the round brush this best used around the eye area but as I prefer
the round brushes for such purposes I have been using this to apply my highlight on my cheek bones,
I have found it to work really well with my Benefit Watt's Up.

Overall I'm really impressed with this brush kit, I love the sizing of each brush and have found 
them great for concealing the under eye and to make a breeze of applying highlighter and my contour shade.
For the price I do find Sigma brushes to be a great buy and I am seriously considering purchasing 
the normal sized brushes from this range.

Sigma Synthetic Precision Kit costs $49 from Sigma Beauty - link