With summer on the horizon (i'm hoping if I say it often enough it will happen)
my mind has began to wander towards all things fruit scented
and come June The Body Shop will be launching a range of eight Body Mists-
Pink Grapefruit, Coconut, Strawberry, Satsuma, Mango, Shea, Moringa and Vanilla.
Pretty much all the scents we know and love from the Body Shop.

Each scent is simple, light yet has enough power to be worn alone 
however layering your scent is always wise if you want maximum lasting power
and with The Body Shop Body Mists that will be pretty easy with all the yummy bath and shower
product they offer - my favourite scent from the bunch is Mango so I will be picking that version
up in June so I can smell of Mango goodness from head to toe!

Now I haven't actually ever used any of the Body Shop's Vanilla scented products 
to draw a comparison but the Vanilla Body Mist has a true Vanilla scent that 
is not musky but more of a sweet Vanilla that is just perfect in my book.
Although it is sweet, it is not sickly nor is it overly artificial, if Vanilla type scents appeal to you
then I can imagine very much like myself you will enjoy this spin on Vanilla.
For me this is a perfect day time scent to chuck in a hand bag as it refreshes
as well as lightly scenting the skin, what's not to like?

The Body Shop Body Mists launch in June for £7/100ml
what scent do you think you will be purchasing?

This post contains a PR sample.