There is more than something luxurious about owning something Chanel branded isn’t there?
I have been known to stop by my local Chanel counter every now and then
to pick up a few pieces of Chanel Make-up to brighten and uplift
even when I am in the most foul of moods.

I was recently contacted by The Perfume Club UK - link who kindly asked me to 
select a few items to review and share on my blog. 
The Perfume Club UK offers products from well known brands such as Chanel 
and Dior for up to 75% off R.R.P with over 4000 lines in both perfume 
and cosmetics beauty junkies like myself are completely spoiled for choice! 
I really enjoyed browsing the perfume section and made a rather lengthy list of scents 
that I will eventually day after a lottery win haha! 

This time around I decided to try out a lip shade and of course the brand I focused in was Chanel.
The sleek black casing with the double C logo really does make my heart flutter!
Of course the packaging is well thought out and looks as expensive as it feels,
it is also sturdy and timeless - I mean will Chanel ever be naff?
Nope exactly so it is worth the odd splurge now and then.

From the large selection of lip shades available on The Perfume Club UK I chose a beautiful
typical me pink shade by Chanel called Aventure - link.
Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Aventure to give it's full name is a beautiful mid toned pink shade
that has a slight blue undertone resulting in this shade having a slightly cool appearance.
I don't actually own many cool toned pinks so this is a nice change of pace.
Shade Aventure has tiny golden flecks of shimmer woven throughout that add a little dimension to the shade
but does not translate to disco ball all out glitter nor is it gritty or rough on the lips.

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine are sheer glossy lip colourants that aren't quite as pigmented
as a typical lipstick, that is not to say that they do not provide colour to the lips
because they do with a natural effect - with the formula being sheer the shade
works with your natural lip shade rather than masking it.
In terms of sheer lipsticks I have found the Coco Rouge line to be fairly pigmented
well as pigmented as a sheer lipstick can be with a glossy finish.
However if you are looking for a more pigmented lipstick I suggest the regular 
Chanel Rouge Coco line as they provide a more opaque coverage - link
The lovely thing about Chanel Rouge Coco Shine lipsticks is that they offer the shine of a lipgloss
without any of the stickyness or thickness that glosses often have.
I also found the formula to be really hydrating and akin to that of a tinted lip balm,
a great formula for those with dry lips as it does not cling to dry patches.
The wear time isn't anything to write home about but nor is it shockingly short,
I found an application to wear for around just under two hours - slightly less if eating/drinking.

My experience with The Perfume Club UK was great, the website was easy to navigate 
and the check-out was simple with various payment methods including paypal. 
The shipping cost is a little over £6 which I deem to be fair as it shipped from overseas (Spain) 
and also includes a UPS tracking number so you know where your order is at any time, 
great for peace of mind. 
My package arrived from Spain within 5 working days in perfect condition and well packed, 
with a little blue gel mask as a gift! 
I would definitely use this service again to place a cheeky order every now and then.

This post contains a PR sample.