I have had Sinful Colors Let Me Go in my stash for quite sometime now
but never actually reached for it until recently.
I have an aversion to mother of pearl type finish polishes
and find them terribly dated yet I wanted to layer this over another polish
just to see what the end results would be.

Let Me Go is a petrol type polish in some lights it is lilac
yet in others it gleams an olive green, quite original but not all that pretty in my very picky opinion.
It is a very watery and not at all an opaque shade so you do have to layer it on
Or simply layer it over another shade, which is so much easier!

I decided to layer it over a somewhat similar shade – China Glaze Secret Peri-Winkle
And the end results are disgusting, really not my cup of tea at all.
It reminds me of an old dance leotard…shudders.
Over the cornflower polish it gives a pearlescent finish and makes the green tone more apparent.

The formula is only so-so but we should keep in mind that Sinful Color’s is a drugstore brand in America 
and one geared towards the budget end of the market.
The polish itself is really thin and watery but applies well enough,
I just found the slow drying time and how easily it chipped to be a let down.

I’m not going to completely give up on this polish I can help but ponder
What this may look like over a black or really deep polish…I may experiment?

Have you tried this or any Sinful Color polish?
Sinful Colour’s is not readily available in the U.K but you can pick them up via
Cherry Culture – link for a fairly decent price.