When I see the word Tweezerman I instantly think of tweezers
but do not overlook their eyelash curlers especially if you have straight
and stubborn eyelashes like myself!
Now the Procurl Curler doesn't look anything fancy
in-fact it looks really typical of an eyelash curler only it is gold in tone
when most tend to favour a silver finish
but man does it curl your eyelashes like no other!

- Narrow top bar adapts to all eye types and shapes.
- Thick, rounded silicon pad ensures an always intensive curl.
- Double body design for comfort, leverage and strength.

Like an eyelash curler, you use the handles to open and clamp your eyelashes
but this one did not hurt nor pull out my eyelashes - i'm over zealous at times!
I use this before mascara application and clamp my eyelashes for 30 seconds
and then pulse five times to ensure the curl stays put.
After that I apply my mascara and i'm good to go!
The curl stays put pretty much all day (6 hours maybe)
and really does open the eyes and make my eyelashes appear so much longer.
I currently have an eye infection but once it has healed I will show you the curler in action
and know you will agree that it works wonders on my straight eyelashes.

If you have struggled with eyelash curlers I seriously suggest trying this version,
they are simple and comfortable to use and the results are brilliant!

Do you use eyelash curlers if so what ones?

Tweezerman ProCurl Curler (S) -link