I don’t think I have blogged about MUA solo blushes
so I thought today would be the day to remedy that.
MUA solo blushes come in 6 shades and are part of the £1 range!

As with all the regular MUA cosmetic line this is simply packaged
In what has now become MUA’s trademark uniform-
Black and transparent plastic casing with a silver font.
It looks sleek and professional not to mention more expensive than it’s £1 price point,
it is easy to stop what shade is housed inside thanks to the clear lid
and the packaging does a fairly decent job of protecting what is inside
but word of warning the powder blushes are fairly soft
and do shatter easily.

Shade 2 is a muted dusky pink cool toned shade
The tones of  pink and blue blend together To give a natural flush of colour
to the cheeks that looks flushed but almost plum in a sense –
it is gives a similar effect to Benefit Dallas although the shades are not all that similar.
Shade 2 is cool toned but not overly so, so warm tones can wear this too,
I would like to quickly mention that shade 2 is not a matte shade
but one with finely dispensed shimmer that does not highlight any flaws
and gives the general impression of radiance.

Unsurprisingly the pigmentation of this blush is really good,
one swipe through was all I needed for my swatch
and for application one swipe was more than enough for both cheeks.
Shade 2 has great colour pay off without being chalky.
The formula is soft so do tread lightly or you will smash the pan,
which I have personally done on occasion.
The blush wears really well – on un-primed skin around 5/6 hours
and on primed skin around 8 hours before any signs of wear appeared,
that is on oily skin so normal/dry skins should have a longer wear time.

Product Summary
Round Up – A mid toned cool pink blush.
Best For – Cooler skin tones, an everyday work/school blush.
Pigmentation – (7/10) Really decent for such a bargain price.
Availability – Selected Superdrugs and via the MUA store - link