With all my recent posts about self tanning I thought it was about time I shared
what I use to remove the tanner, it just so happens this is also the product I use to prep my skin
before application too...two birds one stone!

Nothing in my experience removes the trace of self tanner than a good ol' body scrub,
sometimes if I am feeling particularly fancy I will use a body brush too...oooh fancy!
When it comes to body scrubs I like them to be really gritty basically I'm not happy if I'm not removing
the top two layers of my skin ( I kid) but I don't find the finer grained scrubs to be as effective?

N-Spa Lemon Soufflé Body Scrub is one of those rough body scrubs that remove everything,
dirt, tanner, dry skin...the shame from the night before.
I like to think that the lemon acts as a whitening agent and helps to fade the tanner
but as the ingredients are most synthetic that most likely only exists in my brain.
Yet it really does remove any self tanner with such ease that you'll wonder why you haven't used it before.
Not only does it do that but it buffs the skin into a super smooth state!

However if you have really made a dog's ear of a tanning application you can make a home made scrubof a few squirts of real lemon juice into half a cup of sea salt and use it to scrub the tanner off.
The lemon acts as a bleaching agent and the salt as a natural scrub,
you've just been Sunday Schooled!

N-Spa Lemon Soufflé Body Scrub obviously has a lemon type scent which is fairly
synthetic and sweet, I quite like it mainly because it smells like Lemon Starburst sweets 
(Opalfruits if you are cool and over the age of 18) and is great for a morning boost.
If you fancy this scrub but not the lemon scent I have seen it in a few other variations 
such as Raspberry Milkshake and Mint Apple Crunch so perhaps that is more appealing? 

N-Spa Lemon Soufflé Body Scrub 225ml/£3 Selected Supermarkets such as Asda.