I have three of these liners to share but for photo reasons I have split them into three separate posts
so I don't overwhelm you all with a truck load of photos!
Sleek MakeUp Eau La La Pencil's are the newest addition to the Sleek Make-Up brand
and come in 20 highly pigmented shades that can be used in various ways.

A quick note on the packaging - simple and black.
Colour co-ordinated end of the pencil so you can see instantly what shade you have reached for.
Easy to sharpen, sturdy enough, I doubt these will break with every day wear and tear.

Sleek MakeUp Eau La La Pencil's have a unique formulation that makes them waterproof
and only fade/remove when you want them to with make-up remover.
You can use these on eye's, lips, cheeks and the browns depending on the shade
and how you apply them of course.
They are soft and creamy so they do not pull or tug on the skin perfect for the delicate eye area.
Sleek MakeUp Eau La La Pencil's come in two formulas matte and metallic
with the former having the most shades available - a whopping 18!
In terms of formula they are fairly akin to the Urban Decay 24/7 liners
only slightly firmer in texture.

Bullion is the other Metallic shade along with Tonic,
Bullion is a bright light gold that is very yellow in tone.
For me this is not as pigmented as the two other shades I have reviewed
and applied a little unevenly.
This to me is a highlight shade or a base to apply other shades on top off.

I'd like to point out that the application was quickly done to show you the shade,
I wouldn't actually apply it like this for typical wear.

In terms this formula wears really well on the eyes, brows and cheeks,
on my upper lash line it lasted around 8 hours without budging,
on my waterline around the 6 hour mark but my eyes are really watery at the moment.
My brows it lasted until I removed it which was around the 8 hour mark.
The lip area is where it seems to falter a little but that is due to eating/drinking.
I found the formula to last for approx four hours which I think is more than reasonable.
They are great liners with a wide range of shades but generally speaking I do feel they lack pigmentation,
I expected them to be a little more pigmented than they have turned out to be.
For now I'm blaming my oily skin but will be keen to see how others feel about the pigmentation!

Eau La La Pencil's (S) launch on the 11th of April and will cost £3.99 each, they will be available from selected Superdrug's and via Sleek Make-Up's web store - link