Like most I swallowed up the Hunger Games books…the film not so much 
so I simply had to have a few of the Capitol Colours collection nail polishes by China Glaze. 
Much like the film I kinda found the majority of the 12 shades to be disappointing 
and only bought 2 in the end. 

First up I have Smoke and Ashes which is one of the most popular shades, 
Smoke and Ashes is the shade that represents District 12 – Mining 
If you have got caught up in the books/film this will make sense, 
if not hey ho I wouldn't worry about it! 

Smoke and Ashes photographs better on the nails than it does in the bottle 
and had I known that I wouldn't have purchased it 
as in normal non artificial light it is nothing special at all and rather flat. 
Yet once a flash hits it, it becomes a blackened emerald green with lots of tiny glitter particles 
but to truly see it’s beauty you really do have to photograph it 
and who is that much use to – no flash and it looks like a semi sparkly black shade. 

That being said I do really enjoy China Glaze polishes, they are well priced 
particularly if you hunt eBay for them and don’t mind shipping them in from overseas. 
They apply well – shade aside this was opaque in one coat and dried really quickly! 
I also find them to wear well with me easily getting 3-4 days of wear with only tip wear if any. 

I paid just over £5 from this polish via eBay - link