Another addition to the western BB cream market is Maybelline's Dream Fresh BB cream.
Maybellines Dream Fresh BB cream is a gel based cream that has eight claims:

1.Creates a natural glow.
2.Compliments skin-tone.
3. SPF30 UV protection.
4. Hydrates all day.
5. Blurs imperfections.
6. Oil free - non greasy.
7. Looks visibly fresh.
8. Feels fresh.

A quick note on the packaging, it comes in a squeeze tube which makes it easy to dispense.
Well I say easy the consistency of the liquid is rather thin so as easy as humanly possible
but more on that later.
The packaging in pleasant enough and sort of taps into all their fresh claims
as to me it looks clean and fresh.

Maybellines Dream Fresh BB Cream comes in four shades - Light, Medium, Dark and Universal Glow.
As the Medium option was out of stock I went with the Universal Glow which I imagine is
one of those suit all formulas?
Universal Glow is extremely Orange and required a lot of blending to ease out the tangerine tinge!
I would not recommend this for light skin tones at all.

As mentioned above Maybelline's Dream Fresh BB Cream is very thin in consistency 
making it quite runny and difficult to control how much you dispense
as it constantly seeps out when you remove the lid so not one I would travel with.
On the skin it feels very light but not really at all gel like more water based if you ask me.
It spreads evenly and with ease but the coverage is rather poor and on par with a tinted moisturiser.
In fact I can say I have experienced better coverage tinted moisturisers than this.

As always to show coverage I have included my mole as a reference point.

I found Maybelline's Dream Fresh BB Cream to fall flat of many claims,
it does not compliment the skin-tone and as I have Universal Glow which is supposedly
meant to adapt to most skin tones but on pale skin this will be orange and not pleasant at all.
Again anything with the word glow in it's description it should  add somewhat of a glow to the skin
but this settles to an almost matte finish with no glow insight.
I didn't find it to blur any imperfections either all it can say it did was add a light hint of colour to my skin
with a little SPF protection but no all day hydration or any other claims.
To add some salt to the wound this also has a bizarre scent - not completely vile but not pleasant.

It is hard to be too critical of Maybelline as they are not the only western brand that has fallen short
when creating a BB Cream, the trend started in the East and it seems Western brands just can't quite
compete with the original formulas which is a shame as the UK could do with some good BB Creams.
I'm not saying there isn't any out there on the UK market place but they are few and far apart.
What I will say is that it is refreshing to see some brands now offer a Dark option which was
all but non-existent a few months ago!

Maybelline's Dream Fresh BB Cream £7.99/30ml available from Boots -link