Barry M have recently launched a few nail additions and one branch of the new additions
is a line of magnetic polishes that unlike the other magnetic polishes readily available
the lids come in various patterns not just the typical wave pattern.

I picked up two shades Dark Silver and Burgundy and annoyingly only my Dark Silver works
and yes I tried everything possible to get it to work but the problem lies with the magnetic not 
the polish as Burgundy works fine with the Dark Silver magnet.
That's my main problem with Barry M the inconsistency across the brand -
you never really know what you are going to get.
I have tweeted Barry M so I guess we shall just have to see what they say?

Dark Silver a deep metallic grey that is almost black, it has a high sheen finish
and when used with the provided magnet it produces light silver patterns
that compliment the deep grey background.
The magnet that comes with Dark Silver is the most typical of the designs as it produces a wave pattern
it's pretty enough and effective but like I said not the most stand out of the designs available.
The burgundy shade comes with a straight line pattern and the blue shade has a star/cross design.
I would like to collect them all but as I mentioned the inconsistency really puts me off.

I found the polish to apply well and dry quickly,
the shades are a little odd for a Spring/Summer release 
but perhaps there is a reason for the deep shades,
maybe the design shows up best on a dark background?

Have you tried the Barry M Magnetic polishes or any magnetic polish for that matter?

Barry M Magnetic polishes cost £4.99 and can be found in various Superdrugs and Boots stores.