Like most I knew very little about sunscreen but it was explained to me not so long ago 
and I thought with summer on its way and some of us jetting off to warmer climes that this would be
a good opportunity to explain what I have learned in easy to understand lingo
no fancy pants explanations from me.

UVA/UVB - You will often see both terms crop up when sun care is being spoken about.
Basically UVA stands for Ultra Violet A rays which are long solar waves and are the main factor in causing
wrinkles and other physical signs of sun damage, UVA rays also are linked to direct causes of some skin 
cancers such as Melanoma. UVB stands for Ultra Violet B rays and those are short solar waves,
these are the main cause of sun burn and reddening of the skin.

Okay cool but what so I need to take away from that I'm sure most are asking?
Just note that both are harmful and any skin protection you purchase for the sun should contain
protection against both UVA and UVB rays.
On the back of most sun care products they have a UVA rating you want to be purchasing anything
with a good to excellent rating which is three stars or above.

SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor and measures how long the skin will not redden from UVB rays.
So for instance a Factor 15 will prevent redness/burning for 15 times longer than un-protected skin.
A factor 15 should protect the skin for approx 5 hours but to properly maintain the SPF factor
you should ideally re-apply every 2-3 hours and after any swim/water activities.

I hope the above information helps a little?

Today I want to share a great effective sun care range that won't break the bank.

"2012 is the hottest year yet for all the geniuses at Malibu HQ. 
Not only are they bringing you that sizzling shimmer and shine in the style of the celebrities’ must-haves, 
they are going back to their roots and bringing you the very best of Malibu HERO products including everyone’s favourite retro range! 
Over the last year they’ve been working overtime in the sunshine factory to create new fun, 
futuristic, clever suncare and brought back your firm favourites!


Let’s go back to basics and remember those simpler times in the sun where neon cosies 
and perms were all the rage and Sinitta was much more famous than Simon Cowell..."

"Not only have the wiz kids at Malibu created a deliciously fragranced blend of nurturing 
and hydrating lotions to protect your sun exposed skin, but they have created their super safe factors in dry oil form too, so you can stretch out in the sun and shimmer in style while perfecting that gorgeous natural tan!"

I'm not a fan of tanning oils but I feel that way about oil in general.
This does however seem to be a light non greasy option that absorbs instantly
and doesn't leave the skin feeling super greasy. If you use tanning oils I think this is a must
as it is so easy to use and as mentioned not as thick and greasy as traditional oils.

"Sit back with a fruity beverage on ice, relax and let your skin get acquainted with its one and only holiday romance for this summer, Malibu’s Bronzing butter. This indulgent blend is enriched with antioxidents and carotene and while the butter melts into your skin it leaves you smelling irresistibly yummy! Lie back and let the bronzing begin."

This has to be the yummiest scented sun screen product I have ever encountered not to mention
that it is super moisturising that it feels like you are just moisturising the skin not preparing it for the sun.
It is so easy to apply and doesn't not leave the skin feeling sticky, the only down side is 
that when you are so used to using spray on products the body butter does feel a little messy
but I will put up with the mess for the divine smell and texture!

 Malibu Sun care is available from selected Superdrug, Matalan, Savers, B&M 
and Home & Bargain stores.