Inspired by Clinique's NEW Global Colour Artist, Jenna Menard, and her makeup for the S/S12 Karen
Walker show, Clinique has created a NEW limited edition vibrant, coral lipstick shade. 
Runway Coral launched on the 12th of April and I simply had to have it,
it arrived on Monday and I have been wearing it pretty much all week!

Admittedly the lipstick is on the dinky size of things but does contain 4g of product
so I guess good things do come in small beautiful silver toned cases!
The packaging is so pretty with it's fancy ribbed design presented in shiny silver chrome
but most importantly the lipstick feels sturdy and will survive the perils of a life in a handbag!

Runway Coral is of course a Coral shade but in bullet form it verges towards an orange
tinged red rather than the standard bright orange toned corals that you see pretty much everywhere.
Applied to the lips it remains the reddened orange hue that I described but is slightly lighter applied.
This is warm in tone but not overly so my guess is that most skin tones could wear this and look great!
In terms of dupes I would say the closest match is Mac Vegas Volt.
Runway Coral is a wonderful shade that will see you through Spring and beyond!

Clinique Long Lasting Lipstick's are soft and comforting on the lips,
the offer a high dose of colour pay off without drying or tugging at the lips.
The formula does not bleed nor does it flake throughout the course of the day.
Runway Coral has great pigmentation and has a slight sheen finish which is flattering on the lips.
In terms of wear I found this shade to last for around 4 hours and slightly less when
eating and drinking which is to be expected.

Product Summary
Round Up - A warm toned mid toned coral - more a reddened orange shade.
Best For - Most skin tones and a great shade to have in the stash especially if you love coral hues.
Pigmentation - (8/10) No complaints from me!
Availability - This is an online exclusive only available from Clinique - link, 4g/£16