In my experience no brand quite enjoys slapping on specific hour claims to their products
quite like Maybelline...Rimmel are a close second!
Tell me I am not the only one who notices these sort of things?
Well the newest addition to the beauty stop clock is Maybelline Super Stay 10h Tint Lip Glosses
which claim to wear up to 10hours...we shall see eh!

Oddly I quite like the packaging I find it to be quite funky
and given that inside is a liquid with the potential to stain the sturdiness of the bottle does not go a miss!
The want to apply the lip gloss is a little peculiar, it is a foam applicator that looks some what similar
to the regular doe foot sponges you find in most glosses only this one has a hole in the middle
and is wide, flat and bendy all of which you would think would make application a breeze.
Well let me be the one to tell you it wasn't in-fact it was a messy affair and the photos later on in the 
post will only demonstrate this and dear readers should you have thin lips you are up a creek 
without a paddle, this gloss is best applied with a separate lip brush for best results.

I'm sure in the US/Canada this range has ten shades but in the UK we have five,
my local Boots only stocked three shades and the one I liked best is Lasting Pink.
Lasting Pink is a bright almost fuchsia pink that has a strong red/blue undertone - raspberry pink?
I will say that they appear brighter in liquid form than they do on the lips 
but the colour pay off is still intense when applied making them a great choice for pigmented lips.
On my lips Lasting Pink is a bright pink that is quite similar to Mac's Impassioned
not quite a dupe but the results are some what alike.

As mentioned above the applicator is useless with the contents of this gloss
and I do think gloss is the wrong word to describe this product
as it is more like a thick lip tint albeit a pigmented lip tint at that.
Admittedly Maybelline Super Stay 10h Tint Lip Gloss does tint the lips wonderfully
but the gloss element is barely there at all never mind lasting for ten hours.
I'd go as far as stating that the gloss fades after an hour of wear, 
now i'm sure that the 10hour statement is more based on the tint prospect but misleading none the less.
The tint is a little drying and does settle into any dry areas that the lips may have
and in terms of wear I found the tint to last for around six hours which is fairly decent.

Product Summary
Round Up - A bright almost raspberry pink lip product that is more a tint that gloss.
Best For - Giving the lips a bright pigmented tint.
Pigmentation - (8/10) No denying that it is superbly pigmented.
Availability - Most Maybelline stockists such as Superdrug and Boots £5.99/10.5ml