This is the other shade I purchased from the 12 shade collection – Capitol Colours. 
As mentioned in my other post I didn't really find the collection mind blowing 
which is a shame as they could have done so much more…maybe in the future? 

China Glaze Luxe and Lush is the shade I simply knew I had to have, 
okay it is not the most original, it is quite akin to China Glaze Snow Globe 
only Snow Globe is not a Flakie top coat but a glitter finish however they 
gleam similar so if you have this and don’t use it, skip Luxe and Lush! 

Luxe and Lush photographs as an iridescent shade – pinks and lilacs 
yet if you layer it over a deep polish the flakes become more golden and intense in colour. 
The beauty of this polish is that it perks up almost any polish in your collection, 
giving old shades a new lease of life, I love it layered over China Glaze Smoke and Ashes!
didn't Spill it did the Hunger Games hook you in? 

I paid just over £5 for this including shipping and handling from eBay - link