Okay first things first I am not with child in-case that was anyone's first thoughts
but I do love baby products as they are so light and gentle on the skin
and let's be frank they more often than not smell like fluffy heaven!
While browsing in Morrisons for the Johnston's Baby Bed Time Lotion
and such search being fruitless I stumbled upon Morrison's own baby range complete with bed time items.
Being a complete clown I came away with two baby body washes instead of a wash and lotion
but next time I am doing the weekly shop I will pick up the lotion and review it too!

The packaging is soft, squeezy and moulded to be convenient obviously aimed at mothers/fathers
I can't imagine bathing a toddler to be straight forward so a hard to grip bottle would be pointless.
The colour scheme gives a dream feeling and the little kitty curled up on the bottle is beyond cute!

As with most Bed Time products this of course is best used before you pop on your jim-jams
and slip into the land of nod.
The body wash is laced with extracts of Lavender and Chamomile both of which are known
for their soothing and sleep inducing properties - I really dislike Lavender scented products
but I can happily report that Chamomile dominates the scent resulting in a light pleasnt fragrence.

Obviously as this was made with really young and delicate skin in mind
the product has to be gentle and Morrisons have achieved this by formulating a formula that
is free of Parabens, Paediatrician approve, Hypoallergenic and Dermatologically tested
that is tears free and suitable for newborns so if you have sensitive skin you can rejoice.
In my opinion this wash is best used after you have used your regular body wash
so you get the benefits form the scent and relaxing properties coupled with a better cleansing agent.

So did it work?
Yes and no, it doesn't make me sleepy in any shape or form
but with the help of a warm shower the scent released does relax me and help me on my way to sleep.
I think this one may be best for it's intended use - children but perhaps with the addition of the matching
body lotion this could indeed be a great sleeping aide, I will update once I pick up the lotion.

So the search continues for the perfect pre-bed shower accompanied
have you used anything like this and did it work for you?

This costs just over £2 for 400ml and is available from Morrisons Stores exclusively.