So it has been a little over a month since I began using the Rio Sonicleanse
and we are long due an update!

When I last posted about the Sonicleanse I was slap bang in the middle of the purge stage
which admittedly was not fun but not as bad as I expected.
Yes my skin broke out but it wasn't all over basically in my most troublesome and blemish prone areas 
- my cheeks, the blemishes were minuscule but not particularly pleasant to look at as they were white heads.
The white heads were slightly painful as they often are but disappeared as quickly as they arrived
and my guess is the the purge stage lasted little over a week if that and didn't flare up again.

In my earlier posts I mentioned I found brushing my face really bizarre
well now it is the opposite I find flannels and things of that nature really odd haha!
I still haven't wrapped my head around using it in the shower as it is water proof
and don't venture into the shower with it...maybe one day.

Now the pro's I have noticed over a little more than a month are quite extraordinary,
my skin has cleared up dramatically (purge stage aside), the surface and tone of my skin is improved tenfold.
As I said in my earlier posts from the get go my skin was instantly softer and absorbed products so
much more efficiently than it did before use.
I also noticed that on the little dry spot I had on my chin disappeared after using it twice
so this could potentially be a great idea for those with dry skin!

So far, so good!
I'll update you all in two months with my final check in!

Rio Soniclease (S) - £49.99 - link