So the nice weather has been and gone with parts of Scotland now snowing...typical!
The light flirtation with Summer has saw me running towards florals and pastels
and what compliments such clothing best?
Yep a beautiful golden tan, fake of course!

Rodial Brazilian Tan Clear comes presented in a bright turquoise squeeze tube,
in this case the packaging is not really crucial to the product as fake tans are a pretty messy experience
regardless of what the product is packaged in, so I've found out anyway.

"Brazillian tan™ CLEAR when applied just once a week, gradually builds up a subtle sun-kissed glow. 
Containing pomegranate ellagic tannins, it improves skin tonicity and smoothness.
The clear gel formula is designed to give you a medium, natural tan without those tell tale streaks."

The idea of only applying self tanner excites me as I don't have time to tan daily
nor would I want to...Hello Charlie do you have space for another oompa loompa?
Before you apply an tanning solution I really recommend shaving your legs etc the day before
and on the day of tanning I strongly suggest exfoliating and apply a good body moisturiser all over
but paying particular attention to the dry areas such as elbows, knees and feet..
If you do use tanner on you face apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly to your hair line and eyebrows
to prevent staining particularly if you are light haired!

Unlike some self tan lotions and potions this a gel formula which glides with such ease on to the skin,
cooling as it goes with the most yummy coconut scent which never stays with you until you rinse 
the following day, those who tan regularly will know how nasty some tanners smell
but this is the opposite and has the scent of summer locked in!
I applied this tanner with a tanning mitt which you can pick up in most drug stores for pennies,
I highly recommend using one as it stops staining of the palms and provides an even tan with ease.
Rodial Brazilian Tan Clear has no guide colour meaning you can see where you have applied,
if you tan regularly this won't present any problems but if you are new to tanning I say skip this version
and go for either the light versions of this tanner as it is tinted with a guide colour - link.

I really enjoyed testing Rodial Brazilian Tan Clear as it glides on with ease 
and has such a pleasant scent compared to tanners I have used in the past.
I found it to dry almost instantly, I couldn't tell you how quickly the colour develops 
as I always apply just before I go to bed so it can develop overnight 
but I would guess you'd be good to go after around 4 hours or so.
I awoke to a beautiful mid toned golden tan that looked really natural and not at all orange,
it also highlighted and enhanced what little colour I had gained over the sunny spell
and gave the impression that I had been on holiday for a week or two 
not slapping fake tan on in a stone cold Scottish bathroom. 
Some tanners can be drying but this one is hydrating and did not strip my skin of moisture.
It also fades evenly and not patchy so you can go on with your week without worry of turning 
into some scaled tan sea monster - I paint such beautiful pictures with my words haha!
In my opinion this is best suited to light/medium skin tones who want a natural hint of colour
that looks realistic and not orange tinged.

Rodial Brazilian Tan Clear (S) 150ml/£35 - link