Beauty Favourites

This year is going by far too quickly, i'm sure I say this every year
but I really mean it more this year haha!
I don't have many favourites for this month as I wasn't fully loyal to anything really
but without further ado here is what I have favoured for the month that has now past!

Beauty Favourites
Beauty Favourites
Beauty Favourites

Batiste Cherry Dry Shampoo
I love the scent of this version, it is such a cheerful scent 
and a joy to apply to my fluffy hair when I want a little texture
or to simply disguise greasy roots!

Benefit The Porefessional
I go through phases of loving and then ignoring this product
right now we are having a loving moment 
and I can't help but admire how well this disguises my enlarged pores!

John Frieda Full Repair Deep Infusion Serum
This does a wonderful job of not only repairing but disguising damaged ends.
The ends of my hair are very fluffy/frizzy and this smooths them so they appear somewhat normal.

L'Oreal Caresse Dating Coral Lipstick
Applies like a lip balm yet has great pigment,
very comfortable to wear and it is such a pretty coral shade.

Clinique Blush in Precious Posy
I really love the shade of this blush it is the perfect blend of pink and orange...
okay it is coral but a pretty one at that and the colour pay off is amazing.
Next time you are at a Clinique counter I urge you to swatch this.

MAC Redhead MSF
Very much my highlighting product of choice,
it gives a light subtle glow that gives the impression of health not disco diva
and the shade works really well with my skin tone and penchant for all things coral hued!

What have you been favouring this month?