Beauty School Drop Outs

Little known fact, I struggle spelling the word February!
I mean is the first 'r' really necessary? Feb-u-ary...see what I mean? No? Haha!
Before I ramble on with out linguistic problems let me share my beauty failures 
for the month that can not be spelt unless spell check is fully used!
I don't have many to share which in my opinion is actually quite a good thing.

Beauty School Drop Outs
Beauty School Drop Outs

L'Oreal Nude Magique BB Cream in Medium
My first dabble with BB Creams was not successful, 
I found this to be really weak all round.
The colour was too grey and despite the claim of it matching all medium skin tones
it was too light for my tone and as mentioned rather grey.
The coverage was also poor and not on par with a tinted moisturiser.
Not the best £10 I have spent but oh well you live and learn!

Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blushes - Various Shades
The gimmick/novelty appeal of these blushes was far too much for me to resist!
They looked like so much fun and the shades appeared really pretty so I shipped in 3 for the US
only to find that although very much whimsical and fun to play around with,
the texture and colour pay off was sub-par and not a product I will be re-purchasing.

What products would you care to banish to the beauty bin forever?